Fleischmann 715912 - Steam Locomotive cl.38.10-40 DRG

Fleischmann 715912 - Steam Locomotive cl.38.10-40 DRG

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Scale: N-Scale

UPC or EAN: 4005575194761

Product Description

Steam Locomotive class 38.10-40 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft. Era II.

Lettering variant with box type tender and boiler with 2 domes.

Model with true to original livery and lettering. Inplane applied windows. Furnished driver's cab. Unobstructed view between boiler and chassis true to the original model. Dual front headlights. Moveable Heusinger control. Brake shoes between the wheels. Metal die-cast chassis and tender body.

Matching wagons: Fleischmann 806504, 806804, Fleischmann 807104, Fleischmann 807005 and Fleischmann 807006.

More Information

Manufacturer Fleischmann
Item 715912
Scale N-Scale (1:160)

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Country Germany
Era II
UPC or EAN (GTIN) 4005575194761

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