Fleischmann 731301 - Electric Locomotive Re 460 My Switzerland

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Scale: N-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4005575313018

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When the 230 km/h fast Re 460 was brought into service in 1991, the Ae3/6’ and Ae 4/7 from the 1920’s and the somewhat younger Re 4/4’ could be decommissioned. After many startup difficulties had been straightened out the Re 460 could be found in regular scheduled traffic starting in 1994. The Locomotives were used in passenger as well as freight traffic right from the start. The Re 460 was ordered in a more powerful version as BLS Re 465 by the BLS Lötschbergbahn AG. More offshoots of the “Lok 2000 family” can also be found at foreign railway companies, for example at the wide track state railway in Finnland as Sr2.22, at the Norwegian NSB as El 18 and at the Chinese Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCR).

EAN/UPC: 4005575313018