Fleischmann 737201 - Electric Locomotive of the SBB, class AE 6/6

Fleischmann 737201 Electric Locomotive of the SBB, class AE 6/6

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Scale: N-Scale

UPC or EAN: 4005575372015

Product Description

The Model:

  • Interior details in driver's cab.
  • Sprung pantographs.
  • Current pick-up from the rails or overhead catenary.
  • Cast metal chassis.
  • Motor with flywheel.
  • With standard NEM 651 socket for installation of a decoder.
  • Drive on 8 wheels, of which 2 are fitted with traction tires.
  • Current pick-up on all axles.
  • Triple LED-headlights at each end, co-ordinated with the direction of travel.
  • Automatic couplings at each end.
  • Slot-guide mechanism at each end for true close coupling by using the PROFI-coupling 9545 (delivered with standard couplings).
  • Standard NEM 355 coupling socket.
  • Epoch III.

Based on: 1955 saw the beginning of the success story of the class Ae 6/6, of which a total of 120 were delivered to the SBB. They were soon recognized to be the ideal workhorse to haul trains on the Gotthard line with an increasing workload over the steep gradients of the winding approach ramps because the slower "crocodiles" took too much time to cover this very busy route. It wasn't long before the elegant Ae 6/6 power packs replaced all the "crocodiles" and other older locos an all main lines where steep gradients had to be negotiated. Even today the SBB cannot dispense with their Ae 6/6 services.

Nowadays, one can still see these electric locos mostly at the head of heavy freight trains throughout central Switzerland.

More Information

Manufacturer Fleischmann
Item 737201
Scale N-Scale (1:160)

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Country Switzerland
Railroad SBB - Swiss Federal Railways
UPC or EAN (GTIN) 4005575372015

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