LGB 65154 - Balloon Smoke Stack 18v

LGB 65154 - Balloon Smoke Stack 18v

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Scale: G-Scale

UPC or EAN: 4011525651543

Product Description

This LGB smoke stack is equipped with a smoke generator and includes hardware for installing the stack in many older starter set locos without smoke generators.

Spare Smoke Generator 2015/4 for locomotive 2017 D.

The package includes some additional parts which make it possible to convert the non-smoking locomotives into a smoking locomotive.

Assembly instructions

The installation of the steam generator into a locomotive is quite simple. The only requirement is a soldering iron. Dismantle the locomotive in the following manner: Remove stack by turning it counterclockwise. Pull out the cow catcher. Remove three screws in the rear underneath the locomotive. Pull out the rear coupling and unhook latches which hold the rod linkage.

The motor block can now be taken out of the frame. At the top of the motor block two brass contacts are visible on either side. The short piece of wire is soldered to the left front brass contact (looking at the motor block in the direction of travel). It is then guided downward along the groove on the left side of the motor block and attached, together with the supplied longer screw, washer and lever, to the snow plough.

The supplied copper spring plate is soldered to the right brass contact. Before soldering, the copper plate must be inserted into the stack hole of the motor block. In this way the current-return-flow is ensured.

LGB 65154 Instructions: You can download the Instruction Manual for LGB 65154 as a .pdf file, at the "instructions" tab above.

More Information

Manufacturer LGB
Item 65154
Scale G-Scale (1:22,5)

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UPC or EAN (GTIN) 4011525651543

Instruction Manual Download

You can download the Instruction Manual for LGB 65154 as a .pdf file here:

 LGB 65154 Instruction Manual

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