LGB 72307 - Passenger Train Starter Set. 120 Volts

LGB 72307 - Passenger Train Starter Set. 120 Volts

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Scale: G-Scale


Product Description

This starter set contains an old-timer train consisting of a tank locomotive and 2 passenger cars. The locomotive has a powerful Bühler motor with ball bearings as well as a headlight, sound module, and a smoke unit. The set also has a complete circle of track, a power supply, and a locomotive controller.

Train length 85 cm / 33-7/16".

Charlie's Tip: The train can be lengthened with the 30007 car designed to go with it.

  • Exclusively for the USA.
  • Power supply for 120 volts
  • Sound generator
  • Smoke generator
  • Circle of track
  • USA power supply

More Information

Manufacturer LGB
Item 72307
Scale G-Scale (1:22,5)

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