Marklin 48610 - Marklin Annual Soccer Looney Tunes Car for 2010

Marklin 48610 - Marklin Annual Soccer Looney Tunes Car for 2010

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Scale: H0-Scale, 3-Rail AC (for Marklin)

UPC or EAN: 4001883486109

Product Description

Gauge: H0   
Prototype: Container car.
Model: The car is decorated as a soccer goal wall with 2 openings and makes use of themes from the world of "Looney Tunes". 1 "Looney Tunes" figure is included.

This year’s 1.FC railcar has another Looney Tunes character to keep Daffy Duck company. Can you guess who it is?

That's right! It’s Sylvester.

He’s been around for a while too. Usually he’s seen with Tweety Pie, the yellow canary.
Sylvester the “Puddy Tat” is often trying to catch and eat Tweety Pie, but lots of bad luck and Granny always thwart him in the end. This time, he’s not after Tweety Pie, he’s trying to score goals on the 1. FC Car of the Year.

The car has Relex couplers.

Length over the buffers 11.5 cm / 4-1/2".

DC wheel set 2 x 70 0580.
One-time series.
Released in: Summer New Items 2010

Charlie's Tip: Annual model for members of the 1. FC Märklin. Due to licensing restrictions this model is normally only available in a few European countries. We received a couple of brand new cars from a customer as trade, and can offer these to you. Technically these cars are used, but they are still in absolute new condition.


More Information

Manufacturer Marklin
Item 48610
Scale H0-Scale (1:87)
Availability   Shows to be in stock
Country Germany
Railroad DB - German Bahn
Railroad DB AG - German Bahn
System 3-Rail AC (for Marklin)
UPC or EAN (GTIN) 4001883486109

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