Marklin 59961 - Working Display Case for 1 Gauge, Short Version

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Scale: 1-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4001883599618

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  • Control of locomotive functions using a Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook or similar device.
  • No extensive setup of roller blocks.
  • Perfect for presenting a locomotive.
  • No CS3 or digital controller needed.

Product description

This is a working display case protected against dust and equipped with web-based browser control. This is stationary running operation for presentation of a locomotive or a similar unit. Practically all locomotive functions can be controlled on a Smartphone, Tablet, or laptop with a user interface similar to the Märklin Central Station 3.

LED lighting built into the display case base and the display case cover can also be controlled and dimmed. The lower part of the display case consists of a black oxidized aluminum shape and the cover is made of Plexiglas with lighting.

Electronic circuits and connections are built into the base.

A power supply as well as the necessary QR code and appropriate software are included. This display case can be used with all modern operating systems such as Android, IOS, Windows, etc. This display case is for all locomotives with mfx decoders and locomotive mounting screws located in a straight line.

The maximum usable locomotive length is 70 cm / 27-9/16". Total length approximately 73.2 cm / 29".


Currently, this display case can be used for the following locomotive families:

  • Class 38 Box-style and Tub-style Tender Class 74
  • Class 78
  • 232 TC
  • E 18
  • E 60
  • Köf III
  • ET 91
  • Class 491
  • Ce 6/8 I
  • "Little Suitcases"


- Fall New Items 2021


YATTENTION: adults only


ATTENTION: adults only
ATTENTION: not for children under 15 years

EAN/UPC: 4001883599618