Marklin 81705 - Christmas Starter Set 120 volt (same as 81709)

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Scale: Z-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4001883817057

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Christmas Starter Set in Z-Scale

Model: The locomotive is constructed of metal and has a Christmas paint scheme. It has a 5-pole motor and all driving axles are powered. The sliding wall boxcar also has a Christmas paint scheme and there is an appropriate low side car in the set. There is also a kit for a „Christmas Stand“ that can be put on the low side car after it (the kit) has been assembled.

Other set contents: 2 sections of straight track, 10 sections of curved track, a rerailer, and a 120 volt transformer with integrated speed controller.

A track plan brochure is also included.

Train length approximately 167 mm / 6-1/2“.

This set can be expanded very well with 82720, with the SET track extension sets 8190 or 8191, 8192, 8193, and 8194, or according to your own designs.

EAN/UPC: 4001883817057