Marklin 88993 - SEH Steam Locomotive, Road Number 38 3199

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Scale: Z-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4001883889931

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Road number 38 3199 of the South German Railroad Museum in Heilbronn (SEH) is an absolute exotic among the class 38 (Prussian P 8) locomotives. Its appearance is as it was in the first years of the DRG. As a clone of a proven class by the German State Railroad, in 1921 it went into operation still with the road number 2580 of the Prussian District in Elberfeld. In October of 1925 it was redesignated 38 3199. Shortly after that, it was sold to the Rumanian State Railways (CFR), where it ran as road number 230.106 until 1974. After being stored for over 20 years, the locomotive was acquired in April of 1998 by the SEH, and the museum had it restored to operational condition by the summer of 1999 in the Rumanian maintenance facility at Klausenburg (Cluj). By November of 1999, it was transferred under its own power to Heilbronn, where the so-called regermanization began to put the locomotive back into as close as possible the condition in which it was originally delivered – however with a German State Railroad road number – as well as equip it with radio and inductive magnet controls. This ended successfully with the acceptance run on May 9, 2002.

Prototype: Passenger locomotive, road number 38 3199, with a type 2´2´T21,5 box-style tender as it looked in Era II. South German Railroad Museum of Heilbronn (SEH) locomotive.

Model: This is a continuation of the Museum Locomotives Edition. The locomotive body is cast in fine bronze and processed with extensive craftsmanship. This is the first time for a model of a class 38 with more than 2 boiler domes. This is a reworked model with a motor with a bell-shaped armature. The locomotive has triple headlights with warm white LED lighting, fine detailing with imitation brakes, rail clearance devices, enlarged buffer plates, inductive magnet, fully working, finely detailed valve gear, and an extensive paint scheme. All of the driving axles powered.

Length over the buffers 89 mm / 3-1/2.

One-time edition of the model as part of the series Museum Locomotives.

EAN/UPC: 4001883889931