Marklin 89982 - Turntable with Accessories and 120 Volt Power Supply

Marklin 89982 - Turntable with Accessories and 120 Volt Power Supply

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Scale: Z-Scale (1:220)

Product Description

The turntable is designed for sunken installation for flush mount on a layout baseboard. It has 8 spoke tracks on the outer edge of the turntable pit. It can be expanded to 24 spoke tracks with the 89971 edge segments that can be snapped onto the turntable pit. The turntable has extensive detailing and prototypical paintwork.

The model has been technically reworked and has been given new colors compared to older versions. It is operated by remote control using a controller included with it. It has a 5-pole electric motor for a drive mechanism. There is automatic shutoff of power to all tracks not lined up and in contact with the turntable deck.

A Z-scale speed controller is included for a finer feel in operating locomotives onto the turntable and from the turntable to the stall tracks, as well as in the entire railroad maintenance facility area. The necessary power supply is also included. Ajckids can supply this with either a 120 volt or 230 volt power supply. Standard is a 120 volt.

  • External turntable diameter 170 mm / 6-11/16".
  • Deck length 132 mm / 5-3/16".
  • The diameter of the opening required for installation on a baseboard is 145 mm / 5-11/16"

Also included are 2 each 3-stall roundhouses which can be converted to 6-stall locomotive sheds. Also included is a model of a building for the management of a railroad maintenance facility. These cardstock building kits are precision laser-cut from high-quality architectural grade cardstock and can be built with cements available from Ajckids. Also included are 6 block sections of track to stop the locomotives automatically. 


Charlie's Tip: There are 5 wires to which you connect plugs.

Three coming from the supplied controller box.

  • Black (gets yellow plug).
  • Red (gets grey plug).
  • Green (gets green plug).


Two wires from the power supply: A red and a brown. They are slightly thicker than the turntable controller wires, and get the red and the brown plug.

  • Thick red (gets red plug).
  • Thick brown (gets brown plug).

Marklin Turntable connections


More Information

Manufacturer Marklin
Item 89982
Scale Z-Scale (1:220)
Availability   Shows to be in stock
UPC or EAN (GTIN) 4001883899824

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