Piko 40250 - BR 798 Diesel Railcar + BR998.6 Trailer DB IV

Piko 40250 - BR 798 Diesel Railcar + BR998.6 Trailer DB IV

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Scale: N-Scale

UPC or EAN: 4015615402503

Product Description

N BR 798 Diesel Railcar + BR998.6 Trailer DB IV

"The savior of the branch lines" was the name given to the VT. The PIKO models of the powered rail car and the cab car embody, like their DB prototypes, clear, functionally reliable, and low-maintenance designs. The powered rail car model is driven by a miniature motor that is equipped with two comparatively large, precisely dimensioned flywheel masses for the sake of perfect running characteristics. The drive acts on both axles. Since the powered rail car and cab control car can be coupled together via a current-conducting close-coupling kinematic system, two additional (and thus four) axles can be used for safe current pickup during operations with the cab control car. The powered rail car has a PluX16 digital interface according to NEM 658, and the lighting functions of both cars can be switched separately. Despite the design of the powered rail car and cab control car, a clear view through the passenger compartments is possible. The powered rail car can also be used prototypically as a traction unit for hauling individual freight cars. An axle without traction tires is included to replace the axle with traction tires of the VT.

Additional Information:

Item number: 40250
EAN: 4015615402503
railway administration: DB
era: IV
kind of measurement: LoB / Length over Buffers
measurement: 182
minimum radius: 192
digital interface: NEM 658 PluX16
Interior Lighting / Lights: Schaltbare Innenbeleuchtung werkseitig ausgerüstet
Number of Traction Tires: 2
Coupling: NEM coupler pocket + close coupling
Sound: Sound-Decoder can be installed, use Piko 46526
directional lights: Directional Lights White / Red
age recommendation: 14 and up

Please note that certain Piko items not in stock at Ajckids may have a delivery time of at least several weeks. Piko America does not stock all H0-Scale, N-Scale and TT-Scale items, and they may have to be shipped from the factory.

More Information

Manufacturer Piko
Item 40250
Scale N-Scale

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Country Germany
Era IV
Railroad DB - German Bahn
UPC or EAN (GTIN) 4015615402503

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