Piko 52460 - Diesel Locomotive Rh 2000 NS III + DSS PluX22

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4015615524601

System: DC 2-Rail.

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Diesel Locomotive Rh 2000 NS III + DSS PluX22

Available versions:

52460 Diesel locomotive Rh 2000 NS era III 
52462 Diesel locomotive / sound Rh 2000 NS era III, incl. PIKO SmartDecoder XP 5.1

For Marklin 3-rail: 

52461 ~ Diesel locomotive Rh 2000 NS era III, incl. PIKO SmartDecoder XP 5.1
52463 ~Diesel locomotive / sound Rh 2000 NS era III, incl. PIKO SmartDecoder XP 5.1 

The highlights of the model in key points:

  • Completely new construction
  • Illuminated driver’s cab and marker lights
  • Metal case for optimized weight distribution and driving characteristics
  • Sound and AC-Versions with new, mfx-capable PIKO SmartDecoder XP 5.1
  • Sound versions with PIKO TrainSound® onboard
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio


After the USA entered the Second World War, it was clear that suitable railway material would be needed. To meet the demand, vehicles from the domestic industry were looked at. The 65-DE-14 was shortlisted. Due to the high cab, however, it could not be used without restrictions, so that a further development was commissioned. The result was the 62-DE-19A. After the war, the Nederlandse Spoorwegen incorporated 19 locomotives into the 600 series. Soon after the takeover, they equipped their locomotives with new engines from Thomassen-Frichs. From then on, the remaining 18 locomotives were assigned to the 2000 series. Initially, the locomotives were operated from Zwolle mainly in the east of the of the Netherlands. In 1955, the locomotives were transferred to Amsterdam. Between 1958 and 1960, all the locomotives were taken out of service and scrapped.

Our prototype: Rh 2000 locomotive No 2015 of the NS.

The historic locomotive can be revived as a PIKO Expert model. Special features and peculiarities of the origi-nal American design have been conscientiously implemented. When shaping the body, attention was paid to parallel side walls of the driver's cab and engine compartment. Many details on the engine are individually applied. Examples are various handle bars, railings and windscreen wipers. The eye-catching red painted buffer beam can be completely closed and coherently completed with the enclosed accessory parts.

Under the finely engraved bonnets, the Rh 2000 by PIKO is full to the roof with technology. A free view through the driver's cab has nevertheless been realized. In digital mode this can be atmospherically illuminated. The locomotive's tail lights are located on top of the diesel engine's front. They can be switched separately depending on the direction of travel. The change to the two-light headlight signal is also automatic in analogue operation, changing with the direction of travel. The Rh 2000 is the proud bearer of the PIKO TrainSound® onboard seal of quality. A completely new sampled sound project was created for the locomotive by the PIKO sound specialists. The sound is produced by a powerful loudspeaker, which is controlled by the latest PIKO decoder generation PSD XP 5.1. An intelligent load recognition in the decoder makes the engine sound particularly realistic. If you start it with the lights switched on, the lamps glow briefly in prototypical fashion. When stopping, a matching brake squeal starts. The speed at which this starts can be freely set by means of a CV value.

This veteran on rails recalls a time of upheaval. The Rh 2000 was used for a wide variety of services during this time. Matching freight cars of the Dutch State Railways are already represented in the PIKO Classic nostalgie line. A powerful motor with flywheel masses, supported by two diagonally mounted traction tires, makes the locomotive turn its rounds silky smooth and reliably. Thanks to the integrated PluX22 digital interface, a PIKO SmartDecoder XP 5.1 can also be retrofitted in the analogue locomotive version. In addition to the Dutch PIKO H0 Expert model, the original American locomotive with the inscription "Transportation Corps" of the US military is also released under item numbers 52464 - 52467, the BR 65-DE-19-A USATC II. This one differs significantly in shape and color. Special features such as the illuminated number plates, the bell, radio messages in Dutch and English and the modified lamp arrangement have been observed for this.

EAN/UPC: 4015615524601