Roco 10881 - Multi Protocol Decoder 22-pin

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EAN/UPC: 9005033108816

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Decoder for 22-pin interfaces Plux after NEM 658, with load control. Automatic detection of DCC, M&auml, rklin Motorola and Analog DC or AC. Maximum motor current 1800 mA. 2 light outputs, and an additional 7 function outputs (AUX). Light and AUX ports dimmed independently. Flash function with adjustable time. Settings for magnetic coupling with a high tightening force and the following low holding force, Entkupplungswiederholungen adjustable. Smoke generator settings with 3 Phases Energy (Start, Normal) idle. Short (1-127) and long (128-9999) addresses. 3-point curve, and alternatively Characteristics table. Mass simulation can be switched offor Rangiergang switchable. Motor adjustable frequency 100 Hz / 15-22 kHz. Function mapping of all functional connections. Overcurrent and short circuit detection and shut-down. Detection of brake lines.

EAN/UPC: 9005033108816