Roco 62185 - Steam Locomotive BR 52 REKO (Sound)

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 9005033621858

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Steam locomotive BR 52.80 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn in the operating condition of the 1970&rsquo, s. The reco-design is true to the original with changed new fine wheel sets made out of metal and fine cast drive and coupling rods. The denomination reconstruction locomotive was introduced in 1957 at the Deutsche Reichsbahn. The definition is being used for BR 52 steam locomotives where substantial changes were made to increase the power output and for the adaptation to the fuel situation in the GDR (there was a shortage of black coal) as well as the correction of design mistakes.

  • modified version true to the original Reko design
  • new fine spoked wheels made of metal
  • with fine cast drive and coupling rods
  • Roco 62185 with digitally switchable sound functions

EAN/UPC: 9005033621858