Roco 62592 - Electric Locomotive Rh 1042

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 9005033625924

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Prototype: 1042.0 series electric locomotive of the Austrian Federal Railways (&Ouml, BB). BB wheel arrangement. Operating: the 1980s. Applications: passenger and freight trains.

Model: Implementation in blood orange, with impeller, pantographs and corner windows. Company number 1042.24. 3-peak signal light and 3 red marker (upper prototypical without function), Zugfunkantenne. Length over buffers 186 mm. &Ouml, BB 1042.0 series.

With the widespread electrification of their lines, the Austrian Federal Railways (&Ouml, BB) needed from the 1950s, more and more powerful electric locomotives. Especially on the twisty tracks of the Semmering Railway was made with the heavy six-axis machines of the Series 1010 and 1110 a bad experience, so we ordered from the industry a powerful, quick, but four-axle locomotive - the number 1042.0. Starting in 1963, a total of 60 aircraft were delivered to 1042.0, the appearance of their Austrian genes can not deny, however, it acts through a slight kink in the front a bit more dynamic than previous locomotives series 1010 or 1041st Striking are the many small fan on the side of the locomotive. The 16,200 mm long, is 83,9 ton and 130 km / h fast trains have a continuous rating of 3260 or 3480 kW and a starting tractive effort of 260 kN. The application range of the series 1042.0 virtually knows no boundaries, therefore, this locomotive to trains, freight trains, found in mass transit and also in double and multiple traction on steep grades. The machines were delivered originally with pantographs in the typical Austrian fir green paint with light green stripes, and paddle on the front lines between the &quot, eyes&quot, . Over time not only the greater number of follow-up was put into operation 1042.5, 1042.0 and modernized but the others bear Einholmdachstromabnehmern. The painting changed to vermillion to the dismay of many railroad and the impeller was replaced by a modern &Ouml, BB logo. Due to the massive new acquisition program of the Austrian Railways from the mid-1990s, the stock was heavily dependent on samples of the series of 1042, today there are only sporadically locomotives in active service of the OBB, the locomotive with the establishment number 1042 005 has its fixed place in the Southern Railway Museum in M&uuml, rzzuschlag.

EAN/UPC: 9005033625924