Roco 62609 - Electric Locomotive BB 9200 Capitol

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 9005033626099

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Prototype: Electric locomotive BB 9200 series of the French State Railways (SNCF). Version in red &quot, Le Capitole&quot, paint scheme. Operating: 1960. Application: trains.

Model: rerun in a finely detailed model with a new holding number. 2-peak signal light and 2 red marker. Length over buffers 188 mm.

Charlie's Info: Le Capitole - high speed in France after the 2nd World War, France has rapidly established itself as a country in terms of high-speed railway. To date, the French rail industry is responsible and dominated by TGV nationally and internationally the market. At the beginning of the speeding-control operation is a very elegant train of &quot, Le Capitole&quot, of Paris with Toulouse was bound. As Zuglok fast Unterbauart the incumbent BB 9200 was used. During four machines were approved for 200 km / h /, 9291 and 9292 reached even 250 km / h Max, which was groundbreaking for the year 1967, and attracted attention internationally. Locomotives and Cars were uniformly in red and white design which gave the train an elegant and modern touch. The train promised to reduce journey times and comfort in addition to the many business travelers who used this combination and mainly happy. The train did accordingly, only the first-class section, a dining car took care of the physical well-being. A car drew to a baggage compartment. The &quot, Le Capitole&quot, was one of the finest and most famous trains in France and with the success of his concept and it's the foundation of the recently begun construction on a very high-speed across Europe.

EAN/UPC: 9005033626099