Roco 62660 - Electric Locomotive Rh 1010

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 9005033626600

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Prototype: Electric locomotive series 1010 of the Austrian Federal Railways (&Ouml, BB). Axle Co'Co '. Operating mode: approx 1970th Applications: passenger and freight trains.

Model: Finely Detailed execution in forest green with light green stripes, impeller and new business number. 3-light headlights and red tail light. Length over buffers 205 mm.

Series 1010 - six-axle locomotive, too, the Austrian Alpine rail lines had after 2 World War II be reinstated in a position and it soon became clear that new locomotives and rolling stock was urgently needed. In addition to the series 1040 and 1041, the series originated in 1010 and 1110 limited with an axle load of 18 tons, they used to be able to universally. Between 1955 and 1958, the manufacturing consortium ABES (AEG provided, BBC, Elin, Siemens) and SGP Graz total of 20 six-axle locomotives, 17,680 mm long series 1010th The maximum speed of the 106-ton locomotive was at 130 km / h and the 6 traction motors achieved an output of 4,000 kW and a starting tractive effort of 280 kN. The 20 locomotives of the 1010 series was designed as an express train locomotives and arrived in the early years on both the West and on the south runway, thus exceeding the Semmering, are used. Some mileage they even led to Frankfurt / Main. Over time it became apparent that it is better suited for the freight service, and the newly purchased 1042 series became more and more express train services. That was 1010, and through its large front headlights, visually a typical Austrian locomotive, who was the original fir green livery with impeller well to face. The following color schemes in various shades of red fitted well to the big engine, the upgraded front and the Valousek design that came to only one machine (1010 005-5) applies, however, divided the spirits. In the wake of the massive new acquisition looked at the Austrian Federal Railways (&Ouml, BB), the series gradually from 1010 to the millennium in 2003 the last one resigned from their service. A total of nine pieces have been preserved for posterity and will be used on museum trips and happy times.

EAN/UPC: 9005033626600