Roco 70182 - Diesel railcar class 650

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 9005033701826

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Diesel railcar VT 650 "Regio Shuttle" of the Agilis Eisenbahngesellschaft.


■ For the first time with PluX interface
■ Ideal for the use on branch lines
■ Elaborately designed interior

Agilis is a railway company that manages parts of the local rail passenger transport in Bavaria. In 2011 the company also started to operate on non-electrified local railway lines in Upper Franconia around the cities of Bamberg, Bayreuth, Coburg and Hof. To provide passengers with the best service, Agilis used 38 Stadler Regio-Shuttles RS1.

General data
Number of axles with traction tyres   1
Number of driven axles   2
Interior fitting   Model with interior furnishing
Coupling   NEM shaft 362 with close coupling mechanism
Minimum radius   358 mm, in double traction 419 mm
Flywheel   yes
Head light   Two direction dependent tail lights and dual headlights.
Motor   5-pole motor
LED head light   yes
Length over buffer   293 mm

EAN/UPC: 9005033701826