Roco 7310049 - Diesel Locomotive 761 102 -3, Metrans

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Scale: H0-Scale

EAN/UPC: 9005033068769

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Diesel locomotive 761 102 of Metrans.

■ Elaborate anniversary design
■ Exterior mirrors enclosed to portray folded and unfolded positions
■ Separately attached handle rails, windscreen wipers and UIC sockets
■ With switchable high beam and individually switchable headlight or tail light in digital mode
■ In cooperation with Railcolor Design

The 761 102 Metrans was provided with a striking advertising design in the year 2023 to suit the slogan "Past, present, future". The grey front end represents the past, the yellow and red side the present and the other, blue front end the future. Attentive observers will notice that the original company logo which can still be seen on the other Metrans Hercules has been featured on the grey front end representing the past, whereas the blue front end representing the future bears the new logo.

EAN/UPC: 9005033068769