Roco 7350001 - Diesel locomotive 2095 012-7, ÖBB

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Scale: H0e-Scale

EAN/UPC: 9005033063566

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Diesel locomotive 2095 012 belonging to the Austrian Federal Railways.

■ Down to the finest detail: free-standing handle rails, intricate lamp rings and a perforated ventilation grille on the roof
■ Livery in blood-orange with an ivory banderole and frame in umber grey
■ Design without trim lines
■ With switchable high beam and shunting light and driver’s cab lighting in digital mode

In 1958, SGP introduced the prototype for diesel-hydraulic narrow gauge locomotives – the later class 2095. The locomotive is equipped with a 12-cylinder, four-stroke engine capable of 600 PS. The planned top speed was determined as 60 km/h.
Since its delivery, the 2095 012 was stationed at the Gmünd train depot. There, it was the only large diesel locomotive for many years, and was used for freight and passenger transport. At the beginning of the 1990s, it received a new livery in Valousek design.

EAN/UPC: 9005033063566