Trix 16953 - MAV Es 64 U2 Electric Locomotive

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Scale: N-Scale

EAN/UPC: 4028106169533

System: 2-Rail DC.

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Prototype: Hungarian State Railways (MAV) multiple system electric locomotive, road number 91 55 0470 010-4), in the version as the "Gold Team Locomotive". This is the Hungarian National Soccer Team, which was an Olympics champion in 1954. Built starting in 2000.

Model: The locomotive has a 14-pin digital interface connector. It also has a 5-pole motor with a flywheel. 4 axles powered. Traction tires. The headlights and marker lights change over with the direction of travel. They can be turned off by means of a bridge plug. Warm white LEDs are used for the lighting. The locomotive has a close coupler mechanism. It also has a motor with a flywheel. 4 axles powered. Traction tires. The headlights and marker lights change over with the direction of travel. The locomotive has a close coupler mechanism. Cab lighting can be activated with the 66840 decoder.

Length over the buffers 122 mm / 4-13/16".


  • Headlights / marker lights can be turned off as an option (bridge plug).
  • Specially designed packaging.
  • Certificate of authenticity.
  • Limited, one-time series.

T16953 – Class ES64U2 Electric Locomotive as Road Number 91 55 0470 010-4 (MAV) The classes 1016/1116/1216 were derived from the DB class 152 and 382 units were ordered by the ÖBB starting in 1997 with an unmistakable, refreshing look, which quickly gave the units their name "Taurus" (bull). The dual system version (ÖBB 1116, 16â…” Hertz /15 kilovolts and 50 Hertz / 25 kilovolts) was given the Siemens internal designation ES64U2 in 2001 for similar units as part of the Dispolok leasing fleet owned by the ÖBB at that time. Together with the GySEV, the Hungarian State Railroad (MÁV) ordered ten of the ES64U2 locomotives from Siemens in September of 2001. The class designation 1047 was planned for these locomotives. Since the MÁV 1047 was identical with the ÖBB 1116, road number 1047 001 was presented only eight months after the contract was given for it. The rest of the locomotives followed between March and November of 2002. The locomotive body for the ES64U2 rests on four flexi-coil spring elements on both trucks. The truck is capable of high speeds and it was first used in the Spanish Eurosprinter. Its core component is the so-called high-efficiency drive with a separate brake shaft (HAB) that in principle corresponds to a hollow shaft drive with rubber universal joints. Each asynchronous traction motor is fed by its own power inverter and pulse converter. The converter blocks are based on IGBT elements with 6.5 kilovolts. Braking is done mainly with the electro-dynamic recovery brakes. In October of 2011, the class designation for the MÁV 1047 changed to 470. The Hungarian "Bull" runs mainly in IC and EC service between Vienna and Budapest, but also provides motive power for other trains and can even be seen now and then in Germany. It is equipped with the train safety systems EVM120 (Hungary) and PZB90/Indusi (Germany and Austria). In Austria and Germany its maximum speed is limited to 160 km/h / 100 mph as the lead unit in a train however due to the lack of LZB and ETCS equipment. Since November of 2011, road number 470.010 has had advertising overlays for "Aranycsapat", the "golden soccer elf". From 1950 to 1956 the Hungarian national soccer team was called this, because between May 14, 1950 and July 4, 1954 the team remained undefeated in 32 league games in a row. This did not end until the final game of the world championship in Bern when the Hungarians lost 2-3 against another country in a dramatic, completely surprising finale after leading 2-0.

EAN/UPC: 4028106169533